Friday, September 3, 2010

October 3rd

So here we go again...
Dinner #2 ....
We put together our mailing list and sent it off, within 6 hours Souterrain october was sold out..

We can't believe it!!! But because of the demand... And the amazing people coming forward with new location ideas, it seems as if this one time thing has become a bit more.

The plan now is to host a Souterrain every 4-6 weeks. This should give the staff at LeFarm a chance to get some much needed rest in between.. Then when the time is right get out of the restaurant for a day and do what we love to do. COOK!!!!!

We couldn't be happier with the response and support we have received so far.

The hope is to keep you guys guessing and full... I think we can do that.

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  1. Beautiful photos of what sounded like an amazing evening. Good luck and hope to see you all again soon. Cheers, @modernamy | @ctbites


Souterrain part duex

Pictures from the night....ENJOY